UPC Retail Barcode Packages


You will receive an email containing your unique UPC-A barcode number; barcode images (in 4 formats: jpeg, png, svg & pdf); guarantee certificate (stating that you are the owner of your barcode number); and instructions for how to register and start using your barcode.

NOTE: UPC-A’s are  American standard retail barcodes  – suitable for retail products sold exclusively or primarily in the USA/Canada. If you are selling your products in Ireland, England, Europe, or any other country please purchase “EAN-13 barcode packages” (European standard barcodes) instead, as they are more common worldwide. 

QuantityPrice per Barcode
1E 30
2E 27 each
3-4E 26 each
5 +E 25 each
10 +E 20 each
15 +E 17 each
20 +E 15 each
30 +E 12 each
40 +E 11 each
50 +E 10 each
75 +E 9 each
100 +E 8 each NOW ONLY E5.50 each
150 +Please contact us.


UPC Barcode Package