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ISSN Barcodes for Magazines & Newspapers

ISSN barcodes are made from ISSN numbers.

If you already have the ISSN number for your magazine, newspaper, or other periodical publication, please proceed below to purchase the ISSN barcode images.

If you don’t yet have an ISSN number, please click here for information on how to get an ISSN number.

Then when you have your ISSN number, you can come back to our website and order the barcode images for your ISSN number here.

Let us know your ISSN number, and what format you want (13-digit or 13+2), and whether you have any preferences for the digits in the code (e.g. the price code). See below for information about the 13-digit and 13+2-digit barcodes for magazines.

We provide standard GS1 format barcodes for international use.

NOTE – our wonderful staff lovingly create these ISSN barcodes at our office in NZ. They will be produced for you overnight (Ireland time). Hence, depending on the time of day or night you place your order, there will be some delay until the barcodes are emailed to you.

  • ISSN Barcode ImagesISSN barcode example

    ISSN-13 barcode images for your magazine/journal/newspaper. Please enter your ISSN number into the “ISSN number” box (or “additional information” box) of the online payment form. If you require your barcode in EAN13+2 format (with a 2-digit supplement to represent the issue number), please request this in the “additional information” section. Your barcode images will be emailed to you in 5 formats (jpeg, eps, tiff, bmp & pdf).

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ISSN Barcode Format

An 8-digit ISSN number is converted into a 13-digit EAN13 barcode in this way; the last of the eight digits is removed (this is a checksum), 977 is added to the front of the number, a nominal price code is added to the number (usually 00), and then the last digit checksum is added.  For example, ISSN 1234-5678 would become 9771234567003.  If the price was increased, the 2-digit price code should be changed eg from 00 to 01, and a new barcode created e.g. 9771234567010.

Some publications add a 2-digit supplement barcode after the main barcode to show the edition number. The 2-digit supplement can then vary with the issue, e.g. it could be 01-12 for 12 monthly issues, 01-52 for weekly issues, or 01-04 for quarterly issues. These barcodes can be reused each year as they only need to be changed when the price changes.

How to use your ISSN barcode:

ISSN magazine barcode in EAN13 format

After we receive your order, we will make and email your barcode images to you. The images will come in 5 different formats (jpeg, eps, tiff, pdf, and bmp). You can choose the format you prefer. Insert the barcode into the design for your magazine or newspaper cover. After your publication has been printed and distributed to your retailers, they will enter the barcode number and information into their store inventory system. After that, when your barcode is scanned the product details will appear on the retailer’s screen.

Edition Number:

If you want to show the edition number, request EAN13+2 format. This format allows supplement digits at the end, like in the example below. Please let us know the edition number you want in the order notes section of the checkout page when you place your order. We can give you barcode images that have either 2-digit or 5-digit supplement numbers.


sample issn barcode with edition number 01

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