ISBN Barcodes for Books

If you need a barcode for a book, we recommend that you first get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). AN ISBN can be easily transformed into a barcode number for your book (therefore you will not need to buy a unique barcode number).

ISBNs are unique international numbers that are assigned to published books & similar publications. ISBNs are recorded in book directories internationally. They enable publishers, libraries & book stores locate a specific book quickly and efficiently (for re-ordering purposes). A different ISBN is required for each different format published (eg. online books or different language editions).

If you already have an ISBN number for your book, you can purchase the barcode images for your number below.

If you don’t have an ISBN number yet, we know of 2 main options –

1. You can get one from the ISBN Agency. This will cost you £89.00 for a single ISBN number.

2. Alternatively, you can get a single ISBN number for £30.00 through the Independent Publishing Network.

Once you have your ISBN number, come back here and order the barcode for your number below. You will receive your ISBN barcode images from us by email in 5 formats straight away.

You can use these barcodes worldwide

  • ISBN Barcode Images (for Books)

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Sample ISBN Barcode:

Download Sample ISBN Barcode Images (zip file)

How to use your ISBN barcode:

Book Barcode using an ISBN number

Some examples of books that we have created ISBN barcode images for:


ISBN Book Barcodes examples


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