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The Barcode Shop

We have had questions from customers regarding The Barcode Shop. This is a website which has cropped up in various countries. They claim to sell barcode numbers with individual country prefixes for a one-off cost. However the numbers they sell belong to a company called GS1. They do not have the permission of GS1 in any of these countries and so are not legally selling these barcode numbers.

It is currently unclear as to what will happen to this company in the future.

If you require barcode numbers with your genuine company prefix, the only way to acquire these through GS1 in your country. No barcode reseller is able to supply these legally. Fortunately, very few retailers actually require a prefix. Reputable barcode resellers like ourselves supply barcode numbers with a US Country code (07). These can be purchased here.

Please see our Why Buy From Us page and our Barcode Acceptance page for more information. We have thousands of customers using tens of thousands of our barcodes in close to 100 countries without issues and have been in business since 2007. Hence we are ideally placed to advise you on your barcode requirements.

Warnings on barcode suppliers.