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Sample Barcode Images

High-resolution sample images

Below are some examples of the types of barcode images that we can provide. All of our barcode images are very high quality (600dpi) and are emailed in 4 different formats (jpeg, eps, pdf, tiff & bmp) so that you can use your preferred format.

If your order is automated, you will receive the barcode images by email in a zip folder.  A sample zip folder containing our barcodes can be downloaded below on the right side of this page. If you have trouble using these, please contact us, and we can arrange for other images to be sent to you.

Standard Retail Barcode (EAN)

EAN barcode image (retail barcode)

The barcodes that we supply are EAN-13 (European Standard) codes. They are suitable for use on any retail product in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and worldwide. EAN-13 barcodes are 13-digit long codes that are based on 12-digit UPC codes (American Standard). If you want us to send your barcode to you in UPC format instead of EAN format, that is fine. Just let us know when you are making your order.

EAN-13 Barcode Images (for your barcode number)

EAN-13 Barcode package (number + images)

Book Barcode (ISBN):

Book Barcode using an ISBN number

The barcode above is an EAN-13 format barcode based on the ISBN number of a book. ISBN numbers are unique identification numbers assigned by the British National Library or from the Independent Publishing Network. Note: there is a legal deposit requirement when publishing a book.


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Book Barcode with Price Code:

ISBN+5 GBP price code UK

Some barcodes have price codes at the end of them, like in the example above. If you want your barcode to have a price code, just let us know when making your order; however, the Euro cannot be encoded. To date, only the following currencies can be encoded; GBP, AU$, NZ$, US$ and CAN$.

Book Barcode with Price Code (jpeg)

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Barcode for Magazine (ISSN):

ISSN sample EAN barcode for magazine

The barcode above is an EAN-13 format barcode based on the ISSN number for a magazine (ISSN numbers are unique identification numbers assigned to periodical publications by the National Library of Ireland). The National Library is responsible for assigning ISSNs, free of charge, to serials published in the Republic of Ireland.

ISSN Barcode Images

Barcode for Magazine (with 2-digit supplement):

ISSN+2 ean+2 magazine barcode with 2-digit supplements

Some barcodes for magazines have supplement digits at the end of them (like in the example above) to represent the issue number. If you want your barcode to look like this, please let us know when making your order.

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Carton Code (TUN/ITF-14/GTIN):

ITF-14 Carton Code image

But ITF-14 Carton Codes

QR Code (2D Matrix Barcode):

QR Code 2D matrix barcode sample image iphone smartphone

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