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Barcodes in Ireland

Here you can find information on barcodes in Ireland

Irish Barcode Numbers

The majority of retail barcodes used in Ireland are EAN-13 barcodes. These are 13 digit numbers that come from an international database, and are encoded into barcode format using the EAN-13 symbology. This is the type of barcode used on all products except for books and magazines. Alternatively you could use UPC-A Barcodes, however these are far more common in the US and Canada, and hence should only be used if you are prodiminently planning on selling there.

We can provide EAN-13 or UPC-A barcodes as well as barcodes for books and magazines based on your ISBN or ISSN number.


Ireland Retailer Barcode Requirements

To our knowledge there are no stores in Ireland that absolutely restrict the use of our barcodes. There are a couple of stores that require barcode verification. This is a test scan of the product barcode as it is printed on the product packaging, to ensure that the barcode will scan easily when it enters the retail store. Please see our Barcode Acceptance page for details of which stores require this. If you do require barcode verification, please see our Barcode verification page and we can arrange this.


Irish Businesses using our barcodes

Below is a small sample of some of the businesses using our barcodes. This is to give you an idea of the range and is by no means comprehensive:

Achill Island Salt

Teeth Whitening Fairies

Monkey Cups

Smart Bits Phone Accessories Ltd

McCann Potatoes

Torc Brewing Company

Origin Spirits Ireland Ltd

Bernie’s Farmhouse Deserts

Third Circle Brewing Ltd

Strawchip Ltd.

T.E.Laboratories Ltd

Total Source Ltd

Ingredient Solutions Ltd

Crystal Media Ltd

Moolicious foods Ltd

Barra Oil Ltd

Bodyglove Ltd

Wild Atlantic Way Products

Liquid Solutions Manufacturing Worldwide

Eco Fuel

KPW Print

Meridian Ireland

TLC Ready Meals