Barcode Registration

Note – Barcode registration is included in our barcode packages. So, it should only be purchased if you already have a barcode through another company or are purchasing a barcode number from us (not in a package).

If you want to order barcode registration (for your barcode numbers) please purchase it below. After we receive your order, we will contact you to get the necessary product details, and then we will register your barcode numbers and product details on the major barcode/product databases on the internet. For more information on how to check your registration has been successful using barcode scanning apps from your smartphone, click here.

NOTE – this is a service for barcode numbers that you already own, or are buying from us. This registration service does not include the supply of the barcode numbers – they need to be obtained separately.

  • Register your Barcode Number & Product

    Purchase this item to register your barcode number and product details on the International Barcodes Database

    You can enter your barcode number into the “additional information” section when you check out. we will email you to request proof of barcode ownership, once we receive proof that you own your barcode we will send you instructions for how to register your barcode number.

    Please note that Registration is included if you purchase an EAN or UPC barcode package or barcode number from us – therefore you only need to purchase Registration if you got your EAN or UPC barcode number from a different company, or if you have an ISBN or ISSN number that you’d like to register.

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 + € 15.00 each
    5 + € 13.00 each
    10 + € 11.00 each
    20 + € 10.00 each
    30 + € 8.00 each
    50 + € 7.00 each
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“Why should I get my barcodes and products registered?”

Barcode registration is completely optional (your barcodes will work without it), however getting your barcode registered will raise the profile of your product on the internet.

Once your barcode number and product details are registered on the major internet databases, they will join the thousands of products already contained in the databases. After that, when someone does an internet search for your barcode (or else scans your barcode using their smartphone), your barcode will be connected to your product.

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