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Meath-based, Trimfold Envelopes specialises in bespoke envelope manufacturing and customised envelope printing. They have 50 years experience in the business. Trimfold can customise envelopes to suit a range of specifications and print requirements. This includes specialist window sizes, sealing methods and bespoke opaques.

Their 100,000 square foot plant has the capability to manufacture envelopes to all specifications. This includes customised printing using reel-fed flexo printing methods and lithographic print processes ranging from a simple single colour print right up to four-colour process images.

Trimfold Envelopes have been buying their barcodes from (that’s us) since 2019.

Step inside their factory here.

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Envelope categories;

Machine Fill Mailing Wallets— mailing wallets are designed specifically for use on automated envelope inserting machines and feature the main sizes used in mailing centres, offices and mailrooms.

Office Range— office range for everyday business use as a plain stationary envelope. We also supply printed and personalised stationary.

Protective Range—protecting range offers envelopes for a vast array of different uses including boardback envelopes to prevent creasing and folding, expanding gusset envelopes for bulky mail, padded envelopes to protect against impact and tear resistant tamper proof envelopes.