Steam Machines was started in Wicklow in 2015, by coffee enthusiast, Ross. Ross came to love coffee about 10 years ago after spending time in Italy and France. However, when he came back to Ireland he was disappointed by the typical high volume brands of coffee available in most cafes. Inquiring further he found that most cafes bought their coffee bundled with their machine at a monthly rate and were therefore locked into keeping both.

Now with the expansion of roasting taking place in Ireland, Steammachines helps cafes choose the coffee they want without being tied to a specific machine or coffee brand and avoid constrictive agreements.

The vision has now grown and SteamMachines supplies the complete package from grinders and commercial espresso machines, water filters, milk, to coffee…and even finance. As many or as few of the aspects of the cafe business as the cafe wants.

SteamMachines uses our barcodes!

orange coffee machine in a cafe  double coffee machine