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  • Artwork Test Report

    Test report for your artwork – test the quality of your barcode before printing.
    You need to email us an A4 sheet pdf with the barcode part of your product showing at 100% size. We test this with professional verification equipment and send you a report..

    Price:  20.00

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  • Crystal Media only

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  • Miscellaneous Product or Service

    To cover any other product or service we might provide you.

    1 each –  add in quantity to get to the agreed value for the product or service.

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  • For purchasing items in amounts not specified on out website:

    – please adjust the quantity for how much you are paying

    Quantity Price
    1 1
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  • Pay Specific Amount

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  • QR Code Tracking Report

    Track your statistics, location, sources and shares in a QR Code Tracking Report.

    Tracking can give you valuable insights as to if your marketing is hitting the target audience. It can tell you when the QR code was scanned the most and in which countries. If you use Google Analytics on your website, you may be able to gain information from that.

    On-demand, unlimited access to your QR code data. No logins required.

    Tracking reports are only available for dynamic QR codes.

    €30 for 2 years unlimited tracking

    note this only works on dynamic qr codes purchased from us.

    Example report

    QR code tracking report statistics

    QR code tracking report countries

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  • Register your Barcode Number & ProductBarcodes Database Logo

    Purchase this item to register your barcode number and product details on the International Barcodes Database

    You can enter your barcode number into the “additional information” section when you check out. we will email you to request proof of barcode ownership, once we receive proof that you own your barcode we will send you instructions for how to register your barcode number.

    Please note that Registration is included if you purchase an EAN or UPC barcode package or barcode number from us – therefore you only need to purchase Registration if you got your EAN or UPC barcode number from a different company, or if you have an ISBN or ISSN number that you’d like to register.

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 + € 15.00 each
    5 + € 13.00 each
    10 + € 11.00 each
    20 + € 10.00 each
    30 + € 8.00 each
    50 + € 7.00 each
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  •   Thousands of happy Irish customers | 1,000,000+ Barcodes in circulation | 10,000+ daily scans

    50 Cents

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  • test, please ignore

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  • Verification Report

    Verification report for your completed artwork or finally printed packaging.

    Price:  35.00

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