Based in Westport, Co. Mayo, Namawe is nested in founder, Maria ’s Mayorga conviction that nature makes a way whenever you have a problem or feel lost. Skincare is not about looking young or covering up blemishes but beginning a deeper relationship with one’s own body.

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Skin ailments are often caused by what we eat and put on our skin. In her herbalism and aromatherapy studies, Maria discovered that fewer ingredients of a higher quality preserve the medicinal benefits of herbs. This makes them be more nourishing, soothing and remedial for skincare.

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Meet the Namawe Founder

Maria comes from Seville in Spain. She has lived in Westport for 10 years. Trained in art restoration and conservation, Maria started to help people by providing art therapy. Her walks in nature brought her to an even more fundamental idea; creative outlets require treating blockages at the source.

Maria created Namawe to give back to her community with knowledge of medicinal herbs and a passion for simple living that can bring people a sense of balance.

Because the products are hand-made by Maria and her partner, Colin, they know exactly what is in every product. They are uncompromising when it comes to quality ingredients.

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