Monkey Cups

Monkey Cups logoMonkey Cups, barista standard coffee cups made in Waterford, Ireland, began with a sketch on Mailo’s kitchen table, fuelled by her passion to turn the tide on single-use plastic disposables by creating a range of colourful and stylish reusable alternatives.

With years of experience within the design, hospitality, food and beverage sectors, she had seen the growth of the coffee culture and the growing need to provide an alternative to disposable cups for coffee on the go.

The brand name was inspired by the 100th Monkey Phenomenon of Social Change. That is the idea that once a certain number of a group start using a new habit, it will be taken up instinctively by all.

Monkey Cups range includes;
custom-design products for companies, cafes, clubs and schools

Monkey Cups was founded by Mailo Power to help turn the tide on single-use products.

MonkeyCups Founder Mailo Power

Monkey Cups have been getting their barcodes from us (EAN-13 retail barcodes) since 2019.