Lismore Food Co. – Why they use Barcode1 Ireland

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The Lismore Food Company’s beautiful range of fine biscuits and confections combine pure and fine ingredients with excellence in design.

Stylish and Luxurious epicurean delights!

Why do you use Barcode1 Ireland?

We sell in Ireland and around the world in speciality stores, food halls, department stores and soon on our website We have used EAN-13 barcodes on our products from the start of our business in 2014. We came across Barcode1 Ireland online and were impressed with the pricing compared to other big barcode suppliers. Since then, we have used Barcode1 Ireland on all our products and both the product and service provided by them has been great. The support team are always available (which is good to know), and we are delighted to recommend Barcodes Ltd. All of our dealings with them have been excellent.