Let’s Get Checked – Why they chose Barcode1 Ireland

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LetsGetChecked is a technology platform linking customers to at-home STI/STD, Fertility, Cancer and General Health diagnostic tests.

Customers can access regulated laboratory testing and self-test from the comfort of home.

Results are delivered by our trusted Medical Team and users can access their results through a secure web portal.


How did you hear about Barcode1 Ireland and why have you chosen us as your barcodes supplier?

We found Barcode1 Ireland during an internet search and were impressed by quick turnaround times on offer combined with quality barcodes. Once we placed our initial order, we received them quickly and were set to sell from the very beginning of our products going onto the market. We sell a wide range of at-home diagnostic tests from pharmacies, drug stores, and retailers and have not experienced any issues. We would recommend Barcode1 Ireland for the quick turnaround times and trusted barcodes.