Hopfully Brewing

Hopfully Brewing is a socially and culturally conscious brewery based in Co. Waterford, Ireland. Established in 2017 with the sole aim of selling high-quality craft beer combined with outstanding visual identity.

The company produces a series of annual beer projects, including core and limited edition beers, with seasonal returns and special editions. The brewery specializes in modern, soft, and blended beers, changing the perception of beer with the usage of fresh fruits or inspired by smoothies, desserts or cocktail recipes.

ART & BEERHopfully Brewing cans

Hopfully Brewing is proud to be part of the community by working with emerging artists and students to create the visual identity for its beer labels. Passionate about working with vibrant, fresh talents, we work directly with up-and-coming artists. Each one of our beers has its own visual character to complement the uniqueness we aim to bring to every brew. The artwork chosen for each label epitomises the aspects of storytelling we promote as a brewery. Click on the beer label design to find out more about the artist behind each label.

Hopfully Brewing has been getting their EAN-13 barcodes from Barcode1.ie since 2018.

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