HiveAlive is the number 1 feed supplement for honeybees worldwide. It has been fed to over 6 million colonies, keeping them healthy and reducing over winter losses. HiveAlive was developed by the team at Advance Science at the National University of Ireland, Galway, specifically for honeybee health. Hive Alive is the only feed supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies, increase honey production, keep disease levels low. HiveAlive contains a blend of unique seaweeds, scientifically selected for honeybee health.

We found Barcodes Ltd through a Google search. We chose Barcodes Ltd as they offer good prices and it is so easy to get barcodes. We sell HiveAlive in multiple sizes 100ml, 500ml, 2L and 10L and all have barcodes. We sell them in over 40 countries worldwide through different distributors and beekeeping retail stores. We also sell the 100ml, 500ml and 2L units on Amazon IT, DE and UK but we fulfill the orders ourselves.

We haven’t had any problems with the barcodes.

We would recommend Barcodes Ltd as they are very quick and easy to use. You can get new barcodes in a matter of minutes. I had no idea how to get new barcodes when I first started product development but the process was so easy using Barcodes Ltd.


HA Bottle range PNG Pouring HA over hive w Linda holding no bee crop scaled