Co. Meath based, FB&Co., Finegan Brothers Coffee’s motto is make good coffee simple.

Born from their kitchen table, the Finegan brothers decided to take on the coffee game. They were struggling to find that perfect brew from the comfort of home without expensive coffee equipment. After months of preparing, sourcing and tasting they were ready to launch. FB&Co. opened in July 2020. And the rest is history.

Finegan Brothers Coffee logo

Finegan Brothers & Co. philosophy is “Good Vibes | Great Coffee”

This is empowered through ;


To have great tasting coffee in every kitchen and in every home.


To connect people to the world of coffee through passion and education. Sharing inspiring experiences & encouraging real connections.


Loyalty in relationships.

Integrity in actions.

Perse Vando Vincet (By persevering, one conquers).

FB&Co. believe that the true essence of an amazing coffee lies in a perfectly crafted blend featuring the highest graded coffee available. Hence, we currently use coffee’s from Brazil, Kenya, Sumatra, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala to give you a worldly experience at home.

The product range currently includes;

  • ground coffee
  • coffee brew bags
  • whole beans

FB&Co Signature Blend.

The Kenyan beans in the signature blend are AA only and bought at auction throughout the year. This ensures the highest quality throughout the year. The Brazil Mogiana & Sumatra Mandheling beans are farmed at co-op’s throuhgout the year, guaranteeing seasonal freshness and contributes to the upkeep of the local community.

We Make Great Coffee Simple

Our Clients include;

Lornas Bakes – Muttonhead Butchery – D&A Gourmet – Swans – Supervalu – Cornucopia

FB&Co. products use barcodes from us (barcode1.ie)