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Breezecatcher Clotheslines was established in Dublin in 1992. We are a specialist producer of high-quality rotary umbrella clotheslines and sell directly through the Internet. We now distribute from bases in the USA, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Each dryer is hand-crafted to a very high standard using classical materials, absolutely no cheap materials. The preference is for long-lasting, durable and aesthetically pleasing material. To guarantee customers’ trust in our quality, a skilled craftsperson individually assembles each dryer and goes through a rigorous quality test before shipping.

Tom Delaney, BSc, founded Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers. MIEI is an engineer with electronic and mechanical experience. Tom believes there is still a place in this world for quality products. Breezecatcher chooses to use the best material to deliver the highest quality outdoor clothesline. Our success proves that the educated discerning customer of today, especially now with the wide choices available through the Internet, will choose quality and value every time over cheaper, less durable products.

We only use very durable materials, non-ferrous to eliminate rust and bright anodized aluminium, which is easy to keep clean. But most important of all are the strong aluminium brackets and slides which give the umbrella clothesline super durability. You can hang heavy items on the Breezecatcher, and the clotheslines will not sag. Other brands use plastic or even pressed steel brackets, which provide no lateral strength. The Breezecatcher overcomes this by using solid extruded aluminium centre brackets and strong bracing arms, which makes the dryer rigid, but still easy to open and close.

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