Custom Barcodes

Why customise a Barcode?

It’s is your own decision as to whether you want to customise a barcode or not. This is not necessary, however it can make your barcode and product a little more eye catching. Some people choose to adapt their barcodes in various ways for this reason.

What can you customise on a Barcode?

When you are customising a barcode, you should avoid infringing on the actual bars (or scannable area) of the barcode. If there is anything blocking this area, the barcode may not be scannable as a result. Most people have something growing out of the top or bottom of the barcode (i.e. leaves or trees etc). There are various examples below. Please take a look.

How to design your custom barcode?

The easiest way to customise a barcode is probably to talk to a graphic designer. If you want to do this yourself, you may be able to, but will need a considerable amount of graphic design skill. We can also potentially help you to arrange something like this. Please contact us if you want to discuss.

Examples and Links

Check out some examples of the things that can be done below:

custom barcodes - Pack of smokes barcode custom barcodes - Stretch Zebra barcode custom barcodes - Sleep barcode Pizza barcodeUmbrella barcode


See our custom barcode artwork page for more examples or contact us if you want us to help arrange this for you.

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